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Import your Own Car

So, you wanted to import a car, and went online to see how to do it. Most probably you’ve found many Japan based companies, shipping cars all over the world. They have lots of cars in stock, with many pictures and prices and delivery destinations shown.

  • Just add to the cart & get it shipped.
  • Looks easy, right?
  • Not exactly!

Do you know that the most important detail of importing a car from Japan is the Auction List?

Do you know how risky it is to buy a car without actually seeing and properly understanding the Auction List?

The cars offered by Japanese dealers don’t undergo an independent inspection.
On the contrary, cars from Japanese Auctions come with a detailed Auction List written up by an independent inspector.
Auction list will tell us the most important information about the car:

  • Emission Code – if wrong code, a car will not pass NZ Compliance, and can not be registered.
  • Rust issues – can cost  from 750 to over 4000 NZD to repair.
  • Panels painted or replaced – avoid the risk of paying for an expensive engineer report and repairs during NZ Compliance.
  • Too many scratches and dents on vehicle – will mean an extra bill for repairs and painting.
  • Mechanical issues, oil leaks, warning lights, modified suspension, ex-rental or private etc..
  • Smoker car or damaged interior – avoid extra costs for cleaning and repair.

Auction List tell us a lot about the car – making car import a safe procedure.