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Out of Town

Out Of Town

Wanting to buy from us and live out of town? And not sure what to do?

It’s incredibly easy! At AutoMatch NZ limited we take the fear out of purchasing a new vehicle with a total solution to all your vehicle purchasing needs. We can arrange shipping of vehicles throughout the country.

We offer free pickups from Airport/Bus/Ferry terminals in Auckland.

Every customer has total peace of mind as all of our vehicles have been fully AA appraised and serviced. We only work with the best transportation services and ensure your vehicle gets there in a good nick.

New Immigrants

Congratulations! you have just made a great decision to come to what just happens to be – the best country on Earth.

Financing is easy, choices are numerous, prices are better for almost all makes and models. Plus driving is fun and the extensive highway system is one of the best in the world. Indeed, choosing and acquiring a car will be one of the most enjoyable of your settling-in experiences.

At AutoMatch NZ Limited we can take you through the process of getting a new vehicle licensed and ready for NZ roads. Our easy finance options will help work permit holders and provide complete hassle-free car buying experience.